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ITA Rail | E-Commerce for tourism packages

A fully online solid and reliable booking service for tourism packages

We developed the platform for ITARail through Techimpulse. The project updated ITARail’s image and its new travel booking service based on service packages, giving users advanced functions to book transport and hotels together.

The aim was to configure all the parts involved in the reservation and all the stages of a journey made up of different legs to sell them as a single package, enabling the user to adapt it to their needs. Also to offer the opportunity to use different forms of transport and to use virtual point of sale.


Configuration of an entire journey in less time

With this platform and its ability to configure travel packages, the user saves time that would be spent separately arranging the different services for a trip comprising various legs and accommodations. It includes the typical options for a booking service such as the number of passengers, travel with children etc. The format is completely responsive: accessible from a computer, tablet and mobile.


One of our first big projects in Symfony 3.

The best thing: Symfony 3, very productive!

The worst thing: Renfe’s API, room for much improvement...

The Ohmycode solution

We chose Symfony 3 as a development framework due to our client’s needs to do the project in PHP. The versatility and solidity of the framework enabled us to meet the timings requested without compromising on quality. The web layout was completely done in partnership with Techimpulse. At Ohmycode we integrated it in the framework without any problem. The project consisted of 4 integrations with different payment platforms, all through a MultiAPI to manage them.

Conclusions. Symfony 3 adapts perfectly to these types of projects. The complexity of the project did not prevent us from delivering our project in the required timeframe. Good planning avoided any timeframe issues. The result was an application that is fully optimised for the volume of traffic, searches and bookings required by the platform. You can imagine how many people use it!

Ready, steady, code !

This could be the start of something cool