CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation

Alma Medical Imaging

One of the market leaders for the development of tools for processing DICOM viewer digital medical images

In association with Qaracter, hwe implemented Dynamics 365 for Alma Medical Imaging, a company selling software licences for medical analysis. The project sought to bring together, in a single tool, the client’s business process: product sales, electronic billing, installation of software licenses, control of the maintenance and technical assistance service.

It started from an old version of Dynamics that only covered one part of the business, another system that covered the technical assistance service, and spreadsheets with client and billing information.

Our mission was to ensure that all the processes that the business performed were integrated in a single system, Dynamics 365, allowing the traceability of the data to be kept and guaranteeing that the information was linked.

Improving services with data integration

Through the use of Dynamics 365, it was possible to include all the different areas of the business in one system, providing the relevant information at any time and ensuring the traceability and reliability of the data.

The implementation of this tool enabled a better service to be offered to the clients: streamlining the sales processes, increasing productivity and having access to all the information in real time, from anywhere and any device.

The Ohmycode solution

We adapted and modified the features of the CRM to adjust them to the needs of our client. The ease of creating and modifying entities and the use of workflows that allowed changes to the native functionality of Dynamics 365 made it possible to adapt the existing entities, as well as to create new entities to cover the whole business model.

The project should cover the functioning of the four areas that make up the Alma Medical Imaging business model entirely in the CRM and also enable electronic billing. As Dynamics 365 currently does not have an electronic billing function, we opted to integrate with the system that the client was already using: Hazte una Factura E. To do this we created a customised workflow on .NET that connects the Docuten API and send the CRM data, automatically generating an invoice.

Conclusions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables configuration of a CRM by adapting to a business model without the need for many customised developments. The result is a system that enables the management of all the processes in an integrated form, keeping the information linked and facilitating the user’s work with views adapted for the different areas.

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