Custom software development

Custom development for your company

If there is something that we like doing, which we are good at, it is understanding your idea and bringing it to life. We develop customized software in Barcelona and we love working with clients from around the world.

We are a company that specialises in custom developments. We have been providing effective solutions and designing custom software for many years to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether starting from scratch, working with existing applications that need development, or connecting them with third party systems, we create magic with lines of code.

Each company is different but, in order to grow, they all need a system that adapts to its processes and enables it to organise its operations. Often there is no product on the market that meets a specific need that you may have. With custom development, we offer you specific IT solutions that enable you to perform the daily tasks of your business quickly and simply.

A custom development can involve a significant initial investment, but you will soon see its advantages. As it adapts to what you need, it enables work streamlining and saves time, which in the medium term will also reduce costs.

We help you to find the missing piece for your process to be perfect.

At Ohmycode we advise you on the technology to use for each project and we program the applications in a clean and well-structured way. We create any type of development: software for companies, intranets, extranets, mobile applications, web applications, desktop applications with connection to external databases, custom management platforms, additional modules to complete your ERP
It may be that during the development we find that different systems need to be interconnected.

Integration of systems and API management

Most of the time, having many different IT applications is more of a problem than a solution. The systems are independent, they don’t communicate with each other and the information stays separate within these systems. With the integration of systems we connect different applications, share information, eliminate errors, save costs and work in a far more efficient manner.
Do you need other companies or third parties to access the data on your systems in a controlled and secure manner? Do you need to interconnect two or more existing systems? Do you want to use data from a market tool and you don’t know how to approach it? Count on us!

If you have sometimes found that when someone has to integrate with your database you already know that working with users and database models only complicates daily work. Try to publish your own API.

At Ohmycode we can create your own API or use third party APIs to complete your processes and add value to your business. We have worked with APIs from companies like Spotify, Facebook or Docuten, enabling our clients to automate tasks that would otherwise involve many hours of work and duplicating processes.

Listening... Noting requirements and analysis

We cannot start without knowing what you need. In order to be able to give you the best solution, we always want to understand the essence of your business and examine the project’s requirements. We do an analysis of everything that needs to be implemented and the best way to do it.

Organising... Calendar and resource planning

We are rigorous with the set dates and always try to give you the best resources for your project. We surround ourselves with professional, skilled people so that your software has the quality that you need.

Thinking... Design the solution

Whether visually or conceptually, any development process must design and create a software architecture on which we will work to bring you the best results.

Working... Development and implementation

This is the time to put on headphones, listen to some tunes, make a good cup of coffee and get coding to design your application or custom IT solution. This is our favourite part of the process.

Testing... Testing stage

Once finished, we submit the product created to the necessary tests to check that everything works as it should. We do manual and automatic tests, depending on what each project needs to guarantee its quality.

Continuing... Maintenance and guarantee

We can give you the solution and let your team take charge, maintain your systems. Whatever the case, all our custom development projects have a guarantee period.

Ready, steady, code !
This could be the start of something cool