Business Intelligence. Implementation of PowerBI - Dynamics 365


An NGO that works to get young people at risk of social exclusion into work through innovative training projects that bring added value to companies and enhance professional networking.

In association with 5Skill Solution, we analysed the data and prepared business intelligence reports for Fundación Exit using Power BI.

The aim was to produce reports that reflected the capacity and participation of the different projects, the impact surveys and the social networks. With the data and metrics obtained, it was possible to analyse the management of the projects and evaluate the results based on the indicators set by the foundation.

All the rest of the data needed to produce the reports was obtained from CRM Dynamics 365, which Fundación Exit uses to manage its initiatives.

Analyse and evaluate the management of the projects in an effective manner

Power BI enables the agile and rapid creation of data models to generate graphical and attractive reports. These show, at a glance, all the relevant information.

As a Microsoft tool, Power BI is the ideal companion to Dynamics 365. It enables data and statistics to be obtained from the CRM in an easy and effective manner, helping to have better control of the business and its most significant data.

Ohmycode’s solution

We synchronised Fundación Exit’s CRM Dynamics 365 with Power BI, selecting the CRM entities necessary to create the requested reports.

A total of 8 reports were needed that covered areas and entities not related to the CRM. The tables were analysed and new relationships were formed so that all the data was fully interlinked.

Conclusions. Power BI is a very powerful and versatile tool for data modelling that allows fast access to the important information. It also considers the full analysis life cycle, connecting the data information and giving it form and there is the possibility of sharing it. The result is an interactive data analysis that is comfortable for the user, allowing them to consult all the important information for the business in real time, through the internet, and check its development.

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