Business Intelligence

Business intelligence and data mining

Information is power. The more reliable and complete the information that your business has, the better strategic and operational decisions you will make.

If you have lots of data, but you don’t have a solid system to organise, analyse and extract its value, Ohmycode comes to the rescue.
A Business Intelligence strategy will enable you to know what is happening at any time in your business, based on precise and relevant information. Save yourself headaches, unhappy users, delays and wasted resources. We help you take advantage of technology, connecting all your data and implementing solutions based on Microsoft Power BI.
Each company is its own world and each Business Intelligence project is different. At Ohmycode we build your BI project by adapting to your infrastructure and the technical and functional particularities of your business.

Why do we work with Microsoft Power Bi?

Power BI is an agile, powerful and very complete tool that works perfectly with the Microsoft suite. This facilitates its integration with Dynamics 365, Excel and other programs that are already used by most companies. Power BI connects you with hundreds of database and cloud services sources, cross-referencing them in real time and showing you all the information in an attractive, understandable and manageable format. The most important thing: you can consult it from anywhere.

What Business Intelligence solutions do we offer you?

  • Data management and unification: ETL processes, data warehousing, systems integration.

  • Data discovery: data warehousing, OLAP cubes design with multidimensional databases, data mining, searching for behaviour patterns.

  • Control panels: creation of integrated dashboards (CMI, executive information systems and decision support systems (DSS))

What advantages does a Business Intelligence system bring you?

  • Effectively share information from inside your company or organisation

  • Facilitate the streamlining of the various functional areas

  • Automate manual processes and streamline the organisation

  • Obtain analysis of all your data in real time from any location

  • Use dashboards to improve decision making

  • Develop predictive sales models and anticipate events

  • Enhance your customers’ satisfaction based on their preferences

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Have a flexible and scalable solution that adapts to the changes that your business needs.

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