Implementation of CRM / ERP

Implementation of CRM / ERP

We fully understand what the implementation of a new CRM or ERP involves.

We accompany you throughout the process to ensure that your system meets your expectations. Having the help of a strategic and experienced partner is the best way to ensure that the new tool is a success. At Ohmycode, we help you to structure the processes, we do the technical implementation, integrating the systems that you need, and we create the additional modules that you may require. We can therefore configure a custom application that enables you to manage your processes in the most effective way.

Enterprise resource planning systems, or ERP, are designed to improve the management of the company. They integrate the production, logistics, inventory, distribution and accountancy operations in the same software. They are the perfect tool to help streamline processes and reduce costs. A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is a software that is more focused on the client, sales and the commercial relationship. It is designed to automate sales processes and collect useful information to monitor commercial activity or implement marketing actions.

Both ERP and CRM systems aim to improve the performance of a business, but from different angles. Choose one solution or the other, or both; it will depend on your needs. We are experts in implementing ERP and CRM systems based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, bringing value to your business processes.

To be competitive it is essential to be up to date in digital transformation. Having business applications that bring together information, remove barriers between departments and automate processes is essential to streamline work. Let technology make your life easier!

Why do we work with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a solution that combines CRM and ERP in a single product, offering a complete business software for all types of companies. Dynamics helps to connect all parts of a single business and obtain a global overview of the processes.
At Ohmycode we like to work with Microsoft Dynamics because, as well as being powerful, it is very flexible and quick to implement. Using its modules, we can adapt it to each client’s needs, regardless of their different processes or sectors, and can always deliver a personalised product. It is also scalable and easy to adapt as the company grows and changes its needs.
Another aspect that we like is its complete compatibility with other Microsoft applications, like Excel or Word, which are usually present in most companies. Its user interface is very similar to that of Microsoft Word, so the menus and functions are easily recognised by most users

Automation of processes

It streamlines work, saving time and reducing costs in your company.

Global vision

You will have all the information on a single platform, offering a global vision of the business at any moment.

Access to all the information in real time

You will be able to access it from anywhere, at any time and using any device.

Simplify users’ work

Avoid repetitive tasks, enabling a faster response to clients and facilitating the day to day work.

Improve customer service

You will be able to better understand and anticipate your clients’ needs, offering them a better experience.

Interdepartmental connection

You will be able to connect sales and purchases with logistics management, obtaining a comprehensive view of the entire supply chain or services.

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